Storyboard and reviews, learn Dutch with a twist

‘Excellent info and very informative. I have more understanding of the Dutch language and I feel more confident saying sentences now.’

Gerdie Wolfs (picture): I have been an experienced and dedicated teacher for over 20 years. I also worked as a teacher in the USA where I lived for two years as an expat. So I know what it is like to live abroad! That is why as Dutch as a Second Language teacher I make it my ambition to get the best out of my students.
Did you just move to Holland and try to fit in but you get tongue tied by those strange Dutch sounds? We gladly want to help you to improve your Dutch.

Our courses are for everyone who wants and needs to learn Dutch. Hence our motto: ‘Get in touch, learn Dutch’. However, if you’re looking for formal courses, then this is the wrong address for you.

Because we teach Dutch with a twist.

We use hands-on methods and believe in a pleasant atmosphere to get an optimum result. Due to these effective trainings in an informal setting you won’t feel out of sorts any longer, but you’ll become one of us instead!

About this Teacher

BY JOHN:  ‘Gerdie is very approachable, clear and dynamic. She gave you the feeling you were making progress!’

About Discover Dutch

RICHARD MARTIN: ‘Excellent use of varied learning aids.’

About Expand your Dutch

BY NADIA: ‘I enjoy the fact that there were no translations and that English was kept to a minimum.’

Nathalie Devis (picture above): I have been a dedicated Dutch and Dutch as a Second Language teacher for years. Besides that I am very interested in Intercultural Communication. My intercultural knowledge comes in handy when I am developing training material and when I am travelling abroad, which I love doing.

About this Teacher

RICHARD MARTIN: Nathalie was excellent. I thought she was very engaging, interesting and helpful.

About Discover Dutch

KAREN FERRIS: ‘I thought the course was a very good introduction and covered a lot considering the limited time available.’

Gerdie Wolfs & Nathalie Devis

We hope to see you soon in one of our courses!