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Storyboard and reviews, learn Dutch with a twist

ANGELA MORTEN:   ‘Excellent info and very informative. I have more understanding of the Dutch language and I feel more confident saying sentences now.’ Gerdie Wolfs (picture): I have been an experienced and dedicated teacher for over 20 years. I also worked as a teacher in the USA where I lived for two years as an expat. So I know what it is like to live abroad! That is why as Dutch as a Second Language teacher I make it my…

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Blog, A Dutch dilemma: ‘u’ or ‘jij’?

A Dutch dilemma: ‘u’ or ‘jij’ When you approach an elderly person you should say ‘u’ and when you talk to anyone that is under twenty-five you say ‘je’ or ‘jij’. At least that is how my father taught me, but he is ‘van de oude stempel’ (Dutch proverb for being a bit conservative). It seemed like a simple rule to me when I grew up but now that I am an adult myself it just doesn’t seem so simple…

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Be proud of your mistakes just like Johan Cruijff!

Almost everybody who loves soccer knows Johan Cruijff. He was one of the best soccer players of the world in his time. Actually, when you’re Dutch you know all about Johan Cruijff even if you don’t like soccer. In the Netherlands he is not only famous because of his fabulous footwork or his speed; every Dutch adult knows Johan Cruijff as well because of his original approach of the Dutch language. So, are you afraid of using the wrong Dutch…

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